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If you are looking for focused subject matter you are in the wrong place :-D. There will certainly be some core recurring themes but I am often all over the map. Hopefully that means there will be a little something for everybody or I can introduce something new to a few people.

A BIG thank you to the lovely author of Signals for their help proofreading. Check out their capsule below.


Log Posts

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2021-09-12 Why I Put So Much Effort Into This Capsule

2021-09-11 DIY Media and Peertube

2021-08-18 Waves

2021-08-05 The playdate

2021-07-31 More PSP vs Odroid Go Advance Thoughts

2021-07-24 Things are Finally Settling Down

2021-06-23 My Life On Two Wheels: A Reflection On Bicycles

2021-06-19 Mono to Stereo with FFMPEG

2021-06-17 Watchy the E-Paper "Smartwatch"

2021-06-08 The Royal Game of Ur and Golf (the card game)

2021-06-03 New Terminal Programs and Games Pages

2021-06-02 Gaming and Pocket Reform PC

2021-05-28 /v/'s Recommended Games Wiki

2021-05-27 Vacation, Games and Stuff

2021-05-12 Picnic by the River and Odroid Go Podcast Player

2021-05-07 Announcing smolZINE

2021-05-04 Pine64 PineTime, PinePower and Convergence Dock

2021-04-30 Smells

2021-04-27 Miscellaneous Rambling

2021-04-21 Odroid Go Gains a New Trick

2021-04-20 What I do with my SBCs

2021-04-15 '59 Huffy Sportsman the "Red Devil"

2021-04-10 Low End SBCs

2021-04-09 Outdoor Time and PocketCHIP

2021-04-01 Miscellaneous Tinkering

2021-03-25 Mini Dashboard

2021-03-23 Not Doing Much

2021-03-16 Portable Electronic Devices

2021-03-14 Days Off From Computers

2021-03-08 Electronics and Computers I've Been Fiddling With

2021-03-05 A Bike Ride and Some Updates

2021-03-04 A Love Letter to My Vintage Motobecane Bicycle

2021-02-27 Gemini to Epub

2021-02-25 Odroid Gos, Faux Game Boys and Smartphones

2021-02-23 Flowers and Terminals

2021-02-21 Spending Time Outside

2021-02-20 Zines!

2021-02-18 A Little Capsule-Keeping and a Couple Homebrew Additions

2021-02-14 ASCII Fun and Homebrew

2021-02-11 New Homebrew Section

2021-02-08 Baking in the Afternoon

2021-02-05 Pinephone Mainboard Upgrade

2021-02-04 Recon Gemini

2021-02-03 Circus in Place *now in ascii art*

2021-01-31 M5Paper

2021-01-30 Bike ride

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