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The Royal Game of Ur and Golf (the card game)


The other day a couple clown friends on the fediverse posted that they made a homemade Royal Game of Ur board. This was the first I'd heard of this game and it's fascinating. The game has been around since at least 2600 BC! It's a dice and board game with very simple rules but there is a surprising amount of strategy to it. I love these kinds of simple but fairly strategic social games. After reading about it I was reminded of a card game that I used to play a lot with friends and family.

Royal Game of Ur Wikipedia (via proxy)

Golf, the card game, feels like it has similarities to the Royal Game of Ur in that it's fairly simple but there are a number of strategies to consider. The inclination in golf is to play it safe and slow but I prefer to be aggressive and put pressure on the other players. It makes for some good competitive fun with friends.

Golf (card game) Wikipedia (via proxy)

I'm definitely going to put making an Ur set on my todo list. The traditional die for playing Ur are odd four-sided tetrahedon shaped. Maybe the next time I fire up my 3D printer I'll see if there's a good Ur dice model I can print out. Then I just need to find someone to play with.

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