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Upgrading the Pinephone


I purchased the UBports edition of the Pinephone a while back. It is one of the first two batches which had 2GB RAM and 16GB emmc storage. Pine64 was nice enough to offer those of us early purchasers a discount on an upgraded mainboard to the now standard 3GB RAM and 32GB emmc. It sat in the box for a while until I had enough uninterrupted time to disassemble my Pinephone and do the swap but I finally did it last week. I was initially pretty bummed because I thought my upgrade board was dead but it turns out I had just flashed the wrong Jumpdrive image to the sd card X-D. It is now fully installed and I'm flashing the latest Manjaro Plasma Mobile image.

Update: Manjaro Plasma Mobile is flashed and has improved even more from the last time I used it which was a two to three weeks ago. Getting closer to be able to try using it full time.

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