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Gaming and Pocket Reform PC



I had a really fun gaming experience yesterday with my kids. They play videogames sometimes on their own but this time I started playing Abzu on PS4 while they watched. If you aren't familiar with Abzu it is an atmospheric underwater game. The gameplay is not like a typical game but focuses on exploring and experiencing the sights and sounds. I'm not sure how long I played. It must have been nearly two hours. The kids were only spectating and directing me where to go but they were LOVING it. The 2 yo would squeal in excitement and babble every time they saw a new sea creature. The 4 yo was having a blast pointing out things I should go check out, which large sea creature we should ride or where I should go next. Beautiful and immersive experiences like this are one of the things I love the most about videogames. My children having so much fun sharing it with me made it all the better.

ABZÛ website

Pocket Reform

Yes, I might be unhealthily obsessed with pocket sized computers. Another really cool pocket pc prototype popped up in my fediverse timeline by MNTMN, the maker of the fully open source and hackable Reform laptop. They had posted a month or two ago asking about interest level in such a pocket sized device and now they have an initial prototype. It is a very early prototype from the looks of it but the overall form factor is a hinged miniature laptop style. The internals I would assume are going to be the same chipset as the Reform laptop but probably a cut down selection of ports. This is a very exciting development to me because MNTMN are very dedicated to all their designs and components being open and easy to modify and hack on.

Pocket Reform post with pictures on Mastodon

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