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Vacation, Games and Stuff


At the beginning of the week we finished up our family vacation and headed home. It was quite a nice trip with beaches, a pool, bike rides and just exploring some areas we have not been to before. As we do whenever we visit a new location we found some local breweries to try out. None of the beer we found knocked our socks off but some of it was pretty good. Either way we like checking out the local breweries.

I've been playing some games on my Odroid Go and got sucked into Tail 'Gator for the Game Boy. Over the last few days I've been playing it off and on and finished it today. It was a fun and pretty good little platformer with some creative mechanics. Attacking baddies is done by whipping them with your tail and collecting powerups grants you the ability to shoot a energy wave to hit them from a distance for a limited time. The levels had good variety too with some of them being underwater, some out of water, some a mix of both and later in the game the underwater levels introduced currents and waterfalls to contend with. Kelbot recommended :).

Recently the Pinephone keyboard accessory prototypes were revealed and some of the developers have sample units they have been showing off and evaluating. Even though it will be quite bulky compared to a smartphone it will still be pocketable and much nicer to use as a real computer than a smartphone. It's looking good and I'm really excited to order one.

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