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Midnight Pub


A fella, probably a college student, sitting at a table wearing a hoodie and cargo pants, pockets half-ful with god-knows-what. Under a baseball cap, long-ish messy brown hair comes out. On the table sits scattered- a book, a lighter, a mug of tea, maybe some other random things.

2021-09-23 Note to Self

2021-08-23 Japanese Rice Wine and American Lager

2021-04-07 Just popping in for a beer

2021-03-11 Spring Break in northern GA... for what it's worth

2021-03-04 Cat's in the Cradle

2021-02-20 MRE Menu #24 review

2021-01-17 Rice

2020-12-24 1717

2020-12-02 burnt out retinas

2020-11-16 Wrapping up the weekend

2020-11-13 Some random thoughts

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