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Japanese Rice Wine and American Lager


Well, I just got settled in my new dorm, with the same roommate as last year. He brought a case of beer and I brought some sake. We packed all our shit away, made our beds, ran through the rain for some dinner, and now I'm sitting at my desk with a cup of tea, a cup of sake, and a bottle of beer. Time to write some letters that I've been pushing off, or maybe read some more Dune (I've barely started it, heard a lot of good things). Anyways, cheers everybody, and sorry for the long absence.

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~inquiry wrote:


Now if only (mild joke on memory fading with age coming...) I could remember whether I read it in the 1970s, or in the 1980s..... :-)

But definitely much impact at the time, although I'm remembering leaning a bit more "Foundation" trilogy in those days.

~zampano wrote:

Welcome back! I look forward to hearing how you like Dune, as it's my favorite work of fiction ever.

~nsilvestri wrote (thread):

Hey ~shiloh! Nice to see you around here again.

Hope you're getting settled into your new place, and it sounds like you had a nice day! I have a couple letters to send out too (on an app called Slowly) and coincidentally started the Dune audiobook 2 days ago! Here's hoping it makes sense to the both of us!

~tskaalgard wrote (thread):

Three drinks at once?

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