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Can't afford these shots.



I'd sure like to get a covid shot by now, but that whole effort is kind of stalled out around here. The vaccine shipment trucks keep getting hijacked, and so all you can find are black-market shots at prices I can't afford yet. The Olds are right in there selling stolen vaccines with the best of them. Which seems kind of extra exploitative to me, given that they can't even get the covid germs, but whatever. If it wasn't them, it'd just be more crooked homo-saps instead, same difference. But anyways, the Olds sure aren't shy about it. The other day I was buying tacos from this food truck run by a couple of dwarfs, and they had $1500 Pfizers and Modernas scribbled in there on the menu below the guacamole. I just can't afford that right now. Hell, I'm not even springing for the guac these days.

Sometimes I think I should call the police about stuff like this I see for sale. But on the other hand, the cops themselves have some of the better prices on stolen vaccines. I got pulled over for an illegal U-turn the other day, and the officer offered me an Astrazeneca for like $850. That's as good as I've seen so far. Maybe I should get saving and take him up on it next time. For the moment, I just bought $20 of crystal from him so he wouldn't get pissed off and ticket me for the U-turn. Del always insisted to me that meth cured covid, and joint pain, and heartburn, and about everything. But I'm not so sure about all that.


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