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Toys at school.



This classroom where I try to teach grade 1 on Fridays, I guess it's almost June by now and it'll be out for the summer soon. But the place sometimes makes me sad. There's almost no toys and no books in there, and I just think kids need some stuff, sometimes. And so I'm always now stealing cardboard out of people's garbage bins, and from it I make story books we can practice reading on. I can get crayons and glue and all that pretty cheap at the Dollaroonie. And I can even make toys from that cardboard. You just draw something on it and cut it out, fold a flap under the bottom so it can stand, then tape a folded pipe cleaner to the back to give it some rigidity. I make tons of figurines that way, and also toy letters we can move around to practice building words. Some of the kids really like those little figurines, and it makes me glad to watch them play. Except for that one elf kid who always takes her elf toy and stomps all the homo-sap ones into the ground. All while screaming some elf-word I don't know. It makes me feel a little weird sometimes, but it's just kids playing. It's fine.


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