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Welcome to going-flying.com 🛩️

For the interested this capsule is running Molly Brown in a Docker container, but started life as geminid in a Docker container. There is a gemlog and a mirror of my microblog on here, along with some novelties.

Things that are here

~mernisse (gemlog)

Gemini mirror of my web microblog, basically.

How this capsule is built, vaguely.

BOFH-style Excuse Server

Random Ferengi Rule of Acquisition

VFD Message Display

(About the VFD message display)

Statistics from the Molly Brown log

Source for this capsule.

CGI Toolbox

Convert from/to binary, hexidecimal, decimal! URL quote and unquote! Base64 encode and decode! Base32 encoded or TOTP encoded random numbers!

CGI Toolbox

Dates and Things





Things that are elsewhere

HTTPS version of going-flying.com

Git repository of geminid in a container

Git repository for this Molly Brown in a container

My Plant

Other information / Useful bits

I started browsing Gemini using terminal clients, running on a Raspberry Pi in a tmux session. I originally felt it was a purer experience. The first client I tried was bombadillo, and after a little while I waffled between it and amfora.



After settling in for a while, I found the terminal clients would periodically be too restrictve so I went looking for a GUI client that I could run on macOS. I finally settled on Lagrange for most of my browsing. The fact that it claims the gemini:// protocol handler in the OS and the easy install with the Homebrew package manager makes it seamless.


Just like curl and wget I periodically find myself needing to debug something, or put a Gemini URL into a shell pipeline, or fetch Gemini content into a script so I lean on gemget for that even though it's written in Go.


As far as servers go I tried geminid first. Being written in C it was super easy to put into a container and run and it was perfect for my 100% static file environement. After a bit though I wanted to get a little more fancy with things and ended up settling on Molly Brown. It wasn't hard to package either and it is what let me get away with the CGI shenanigans (like my RFC proxy and VFD display) that I get up to here.

geminid Information

Molly Brown information

And of course, we wouldn't be here without the project itself.

Obligatory Gemini Information Link

🚀 © MMXX-MMXXII matt@going-flying.com

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