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Matt's Gemini CGI Toolbox.

I wanted to see what kind of things I could do with a CGI script. Think a collection of little oneliners. This is that. As I think of little toys I'll probably add to this. It happens to be written in Python.

Number base converters

Display a number in binary, decimal and hexadecimal. If your input cannot be recognized, the script will return a permanent failure.

Binary Input

Decimal Input

Hexadecimal Input

Encode / Decode

Base64 Encode

Base64 Decode

URL Quote

URL Unquote

Random Stuff

While I have taken care to be fairly reasonable with these things, please note that Molly Brown does produce logs that get saved which means that while they may be cryptographically secure, they also may end up in a log file somewhere. As such these should be used for demonstration purposes only.

Random number, Base32 encoded

Random number, encoded as a TOTP secret

Other Stuff

Unix timestamp to UTC date


Want to see something here? Feel free to drop me a line.


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