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TechRights /2021/06/07/


The Whole Month 2021/06

06/07 The Correlation Between Software Freedom and Universal Justice

06/07 The Kanté of Alicante

06/07 The EPO’s Censorship of Stakeholders is a Misguided Case of Digging One’s Own Grave

06/07 The Ridiculous Façade of ‘Ethical’ Monopolists and the Ludicrous Media Coverage That Parrots Their Lies

06/07 EPO Management: We Listen to Users, Especially Monopolists and Overzealous Litigation Firms

06/07 Links 7/6/2021: Git 2.32 and Linux 5.13 RC5

06/07 IBM is Doing to Red Hat What Novell Did to SUSE (and People Are Leaving)

06/07 IRC Proceedings: Sunday, June 06, 2021

06/07 [Meme] Loving to Win When Windows is Losing

06/07 [Meme] Judges Aren’t the Enemy

06/07 Links 7/6/2021: Linux 5.14 Removing Obsolete Code, Microsoft Censors History for China

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