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● 06.07.21

●● The Kanté of Alicante

Posted in Europe, Humour, Patents at 9:33 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Go team!

Summary: Welcome to Campinos FC; it doesn’t know much about patents, but it can compensate by censoring everybody and bribing the media for false portrayals

INSURGENCY from Alicante

↺ Alicante

Nepotism over latte The modus operandi Buddy brings a buddy

La familia en route to Munich Rijswijk, Haar, and its artful kitsch Patents to them is a niche But expensive galleries make them look rich

↺ kitsch

make them look rich

“La familia en route to Munich”Gallery full of wine Ever-flowing like the Rhine Racking up the fine Hiding behind a front line

the fine

Francophone over ViCoMaskless, a wannabe sicko Cinco de Mayo, cinco cinco By end of May kangaroo Arnold 'Dicko'


kangaroo Arnold 'Dicko'

Child of Revolução dos Cravos A bully like Sergio Ramos █

↺ Revolução dos Cravos

> Image: Tell me something I don't know. Won't you, António?

Jeans and sneakers mean business, Sir!

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