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2021-04-10 Moving Site to Sourcehut

2021-04-07 Re: Software Dependencies

2021-04-05 Re: Your gemlog may not be accessible

2021-04-05 Clock Skew again

2021-03-27 Clock Skew at large

2021-03-14 Sometimes I'm just a moron

2021-03-11 Part Time

2021-03-03 New big software project --- how hard can it be?

2021-02-20 Re: Thoughts on the Internet and Climate

2021-02-11 From org-link to elpher

2021-02-08 Re: Three Phones!

2021-01-28 Tools

2021-01-24 Project HausBus: migrating old data

2021-01-20 Re: Starting my journal, so days don't just go by

2021-01-20 Grumbling and Creativity

2021-01-16 Re: Tricks to Scaling Distributed Social Networks

2021-01-15 Literate Programming?

2021-01-15 Content vs. Presentation -- Re: Gemini Typography

2021-01-11 Progress on Project HausBus

2021-01-10 Re: Gemini is Useless

2021-01-03 Re: Geminispace vs. Beeblebroxians

2021-01-01 Hello 2021!

2020-12-31 Caches to Ashes

2020-12-29 Testing software -- a myth?

2020-12-27 deleting old email

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