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Keyboard Layouts (re: Cadey)

This post is in reply to Cadey's post about learning colemak:

Cadey's original post

Prosthetic Conscience's reply to Cadey

About 10 years ago I switched from QWERTY to Dvorak. My motivation for the change was 80% due to RSI and 20% dreaming of speed increases. 10 years later my results:

My speed is pretty much the same in Dvorak as it was in QWERTY

My RSI is fixed completely

I can no longer touch-type in QWERTY because I didn't keep up with it during the transition

I have zero regrets

My situation was unique in that I had quit my job that required me to work on a computer. I was going into religious life and the only time I was on the computer was to send emails home or look up recipes I was cooking for the community. That sort of freedom was wonderful for stress-free transitioning. Even with that, it took most of a week to get to a place where I could hit every key without looking reliably even if it was slow. It took another 3 weeks before my brain stopped having to actively think about the individual characters. Words went back to patterns and my hands translated transparently. I hit my full speed after 2 months.

Colemak doesn't move nearly as many keys around, so hopefully it'll go faster for you. Best of luck!

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