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Assorted Oneshots

Status: Ongoing

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Some assorted oneshots in the Sonic continuity.

Chapter 1

Death From A Flower

Sonic comes across Shadow, only to find his rival coughing up... flower petals?

Tails tells him Shadow has Hanahaki Disease, and that it's a really bad case.

He'd do anything to save Shadow...

If only Shadow would tell him who his unrequited love was for...


This story wouldn't leave my head, so I decided to finally put [my 2nd] account

to use and post the story.

Chapter 2

Found - Shadamy

Sonic skips on a date with Amy so he can be with Sally, and Amy is lost. But

maybe, with Shadow, she can be Found? Songfic, Found (from the Steven Universe

Movie OST)

Chapter 3


Zero can't stop thinking about the incident at the Mystic Jungle base. Gadget

calms him down.

A short drabble-fic I wrote.

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