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Elixirs and Potions

Status: Complete

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Zero's been a mercenary for a long time. During this time, he's obtained many a

potion. Whether he made it himself or got it as payment for a mission, Zero has

plenty of elixirs. Maybe, Amy could convince him of her plight?


Amy gets a love potion from Zero and tries to use it on Sonic. The potion works

when it is in effect, but will Sonic be able to forgive her for manipulating him

once it wears off?

Chapter 1

The Beginning - Amy gets a love potion from Zero, and plans to use it on Sonic.

She may have spaced out while Zero was talking to her, but whatever he said

couldn't be that important, right?

Chapter 2

The Hook - Amy invites Sonic to a wonderful mountainside picnic, and uses the

love potion on Sonic. It works, and they're finally dating! Shadow might be a

little suspicious, but he's usually a downer, right?

Chapter 3

The Line - 'How could she?' Sonic wakes up on the third day, in Amy's bed, and

he doesn't know how he got there. He seeks out help from Zero and Shadow, and

ultimately decides to cut Amy out of his life. Good thing she isn't completely

insane, right?

Chapter 4

The Sinker - Amy decides to leap to her death from a parking garage. Before she

goes, she calls Zero, who tries to talk her down from the ledge.

TW for attempted suicide

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