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2020-11-29 It is possible to run a Gemini server on a router

2020-11-24 Moved the Gemini pages aggregator

2020-11-22 The Canary is Dead

2020-11-19 On Feeds in Gemini Format

2020-11-19 Implemented Atom.xml generation in the Makefile gemlog generator

2020-11-17 Updated Makefile gemlog generator

2020-11-16 A Makefile-powered gemlog


The first Gemini page in Lithuanian language.

About me

I am interested in many things. Linux, programming, UX, music, politics... are just a few of them.

I am in my forties. Live with my wife and kids in Vilnius, Lithuania.

You can find my code in most of the usual places under the name "emilis".

You can reach me at: emilis [at] emilis.net.


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