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Finished this book a few days ago. It's the first David Sedaris book I've read though I knew his name from NPR's This American Life which I used to listen to while walking the dog. Sadly the dog is much older now so the walks are far too short for an episode of This American Life these days.

Wasn't sure what to expect of this book as I didn't even know if it was fiction or non-fiction or whatever. Ended up being a series of anecdotes of his childhood and family life and moved on to stories from when he was a young man. It's entertaining and funny but side-splittingly funny. More amusing than anything else. It was a pleasant read and not disappointed I read it but definitely won't be getting a place on my shelf for favourite books. Apropos of nothing I saw David Sedaris now lives in the English county of West Sussex so can't be that far from me (as I'm right by the East/West Sussex border).

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