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hrt: month 3

june 3, 2021

gooooood morning, gemini! it's been three months since i started estradiol valerate (estrogen). geez, time flies!

nothing is really different, honestly. aside from some minor fat distribution and smoother skin, i'm the same as i was.

i'm /still/ less depressed, which is absolutely bonkers! Yeah okay this is gonna sound cringe as heck, but i'll say it anyway: a few weeks ago i put on some makeup and wore a black cardigan and a choker cause i was going to the coffee shop. on my way out, my dad said "you look good, have fun", which is the first time he ever said something like that and i was just happy.

and like yeah i know, compliments from my parents don't count, and yeah i know, living with them in my 20's is double cringe, but /look/, i'll take what i can get for now, okay?

moving on, taking a break from fedi has been great, even though it's only been a few days. it's hard to get into the swing of not checking fedi every 10 seconds, now that it's blocked in my hosts file!

it's definitely a super good encouragement to get other things done. i'm usually /kind/ of productive when i'm on fedi, but i feel like when i'm off fedi, i'm /super/ productive, and it's a good feeling!

i'm currently learning some new jazz progressions on bass. not sure if i'll write about it here or in another capsule... we'll see!

anyway, just a smol life update for the smolnet. have a cool-a-mundo day!

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