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a second break from the fediverse

may 29, 2021

the earth turns and things fall apart.

i've been spending too much time on fedi lately. i feel as though everything is moving so fast, but i'm only able to watch it fly by from my computer screen.

i'm going to try, once again, to /just/ use email and gemini for a while. the system is much slower and i find that the content here is much more well thought and complete.

what's going to change?

i'm going to do more baking. i made brownies yesterday, and today it's /finally/ time to start that sourdough.

i'm going to do more academic computer programming. i never 100% completed sicp or taocp, so i'm going to read those more, as well as starting a code kata.

i'm going to write more on my main blog, which mostly has tech musings and tutorials, which i think are actually more helpful than hot takes on fedi.

i'm going to excercise more. i'll stretch every day and probably do some generic exercises as well.

i'm going to read more fiction, and read more books in general.

i'm going to go for walks. it sucks because /people/ exist outside and that's scary, but i'll go out more anyway. maybe not just in my neighbourhood; i want to actually go into town and take pictures and do some window shopping (even though i'm broke as heck).

i'm going to attempt to figure out how music works, because i have no idea how music works.

i want to draw more.

i want to /be less sad/. yeah i've been saying that for over a decade, and maybe i only mean that half-heartedly, but it's a good goal to have.

anyway, it's time to make a coffee.

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