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The musings of a mustelid

Or, here lies Martes Flavigula, eternally beneath the splintered earth

2021-09-20 A Goat Headed Into the Void

2021-09-19 Hollow Tentacles Reach Out Amid The Galaxy

2021-09-17 A Silently Widening Rift

2021-09-16 Eggs Just Aren't The Same Without Cumin and Coriander

2021-09-15 An Abstract Living Strategy

2021-09-13 I did not choose - it chose me

2021-09-10 Semi-organised Hubbub

2021-09-07 A Sentinel Glanced Over But Never Considered

2021-09-05 Four in the Morning Ate Breakfast with my Hara

2021-08-31 An Ambience of Blighted Nostalgia

2021-08-17 On the Lip of the Agonizing Drop

2021-08-15 Dissolving Beams from a Dying Sun

2021-07-03 The Gluey Mystery

2021-05-08 Having Grown Up Pains

2021-03-17 Roger Trigaux and the Canal of Fumbling Forms

2021-03-06 Disassociation by Abstraction

2021-03-02 Perhaps I Should Simply Make a Sandwich

2021-03-01 Whatever Gushes from my Hara

2021-02-09 A Few Items that Resonate

2021-02-03 These Connections are Incidental

2021-01-28 Flasks or Rectangular Lasagna Dishes

2021-01-25 The Vanishing of Things Already Disappeared

2021-01-21 Kicking Google in the Teeth

2021-01-19 Minimalist Loops Using the Smallest Apparatus Possible

2021-01-18 Sinew and Gadgets

2021-01-10 A Better Way to Drift Through a Day

2021-01-04 A Mundane, Tech-Oriented Entry

2020-12-29 A Metaphor for Listlessness

2020-12-22 Obsessive-compulsive Spurts

2020-12-17 There Is No Discussion Of Geese In This Entry

2020-12-14 The Translucent Backdroop of the Age

2020-12-10 Connectives Are for the Weak

2020-12-04 Coffee Cups Made From The Skulls Of Marketing Men

2020-12-01 Mélange

2020-11-24 Let It Reign

2020-11-22 The Oblivious Rule the Earth

2020-11-19 Suspended Ambiguity May Get Over Itself Now

2020-11-17 Slaves to Absurd Future Remembrance

2020-11-14 Waffles for Tea Leaves

2020-11-12 The Chasm Between Short-Term and Long-Term Memory

2020-11-11 A Part of Everyone is a Narcissist Asshole

2020-11-10 The Ache to be the Center of the Cosmos

2020-11-09 Nuances Sucking Away Your Soul

2020-06-06 Platonic Form 3

2020-06-05 Obsequious Arrogance

2020-05-26 What Fact of Life Can We Discard?

2020-05-25 Stabbing through the Bulwark

2020-05-24 A Dim Room, Cracked Ceiling

2020-05-23 Familial Disease

2020-05-23 The Tentacles of the Ruling Class

2020-03-26 Repetition is not a form of change (in this case)

2020-03-24 Rambler's Ranch

2020-02-22 Musical Black Box

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