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RAI Defense Industries

Free/Open Hardware/Software Projects & Retrocomputing

2021-03-07 Gemini Directory I've compiled. Gemini search is lousy either by omission or design, so site discovery is mostly through links

2021-03-08 Software I've written in Go/Xojo/Free42

2021-03-07 Deduplicating version control for large binary files

2021-02-02 Getting started with Gemini: browser and hosting recommendations

2021-01-30 Proposal for a fantasy cyberdeck in the spirit of the PICO-8/TIC-80

2021-01-30 Proposal for a TCL-style data file format that is easy to parse

2021-02-27 Recreating the Diet Coke Button now absent from the Oval Office desk

2021-01-28 The awesome AlphaSmart Dana, a PalmOS laptop

2021-01-30 A wooden dummy iDevice for your old iPod docks

2021-01-27 Converting a chicken coop into a catio

2021-01-27 My collection of fancy calculators and my calculator programs

You can also find me on the Big Internet or contact me at art@pin2REMOVE_ME.io


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