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The Beginnings of my Next Keyboard


I've began work on my next keyboard build. I've been quite happy with h0002; it's been my daily driver for a few months now. It's good but I think it can be better. The issues I would like addressed are:

1. The Kailh Navy switches are too loud. I instinctively try to type softer when I want to be quiet, and that just doesn't work — keys aren't pressed hard enough. It's fine while I'm wearing headphones but they're a bit too loud. It definitely isn't a keyboard I'd be comfortable using in an office.

2. The keyboard doesn't always wake from sleep. I haven't looked into why, but this wasn't an issue with TMK (rather than QMK).

3. I want the plate to be removable. That would allow the plate to be replaced without having to reconstruct the entire keyboard. I'm happy with the 75% size and I doubt I'll want anything bigger or smaller. This may also allow slight adjustments to the plate angle.

4. It should be easier make. Painting shouldn't require so much masking and it should be easier to sand into the corners. This will require a lot more upfront planing, but I expect it will pay off.

The things I'll be doing differently are:

Lasercut plate

Costar stabilisers

Cherry Green (or maybe Blue) switches

Teensy 2 running TMK

Reduce the space between keys and chassis

Make the R0 (space, cmd, alt, etc) keys protrude further above the chassis

Slightly reduce the overall height


The things that will remain the same:

Painted finish

MT3 Keycaps

I've spent the last few evenings designing the chassis. Here are the drawings of what I will be building.

front and back


other bits


QCAD model

Here is the construction log of h0002 if you you missed it.


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