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5x5 Playlists

A friend of mine spoke about how at their job they each shared a 5x5 playlist. This was a way they did some team bonding and sharing and I thought I'd introduce it to the gemini space and encourage others to share! Would be a fun thing to listen to. I made one back then and I'll make another specifically for this post. I attached Spotify links as well as the textual list with some notes about each artist.

Whats in a 5x5

A 5x5 playlist is any 5 songs from 5 different artists. So a 25 song playlist you can share with people. It is that simple. You can make it themed or just your 5 favorite songs from your 5 favorite artists. Both of mine fall into the "I just want to share a variety of music I like". Another is a ready made playlist that showcases your tastes in music - but I find this doesn't work that well for that. But I am thinking of putting together a playlist like that: 1 song per genre that I like.

My playlists

My new 5x5 playlist

For this post I wanted to make a new playlist:

[spotify] My second 5x5

First artist is Tina Dico(Dickow) I have spoken to her talents in a previous post and I have a write-up on Count To Ten in drafts.

Count to Ten - Tina Dico - Count To Ten

Open Wide - Tina Dico - Count To Ten

Warm Sand - Tina Dico - Far

Break of Day - Tina Dico - Far

Alt Hvad Hun Ville Var At Danse - Tina Dickow - En Håndfuld Danske

Up next is another all time favorite of mine: Raised by Swans

violet light - Raised By Swans - Codes and Secret Longing

phantom limb /divded by night - Raised By Swans - Codes and Secret Longing

relentless - Raised By Swans - Codes and Secret Longing

We Were Never Young - No Ghostless Place

fortress without doors - Raised By Swans - raised by swans is the name of a man, volume 1

Breaking from these more mellow artists into a band whose 2020 release was my number one of last year: Bell Witch

Beneath The Mask - Bell Witch - Longing

I Wait - Bell Witch - Longing

Suffocation, A Burial: I - Awoken (Breathing Teeth) - Bell Witch - Four Phantoms

The Bastard Wind - Bell Witch, Aerial Ruin - Stygian Bough Volume I

Mirror Reaper - Bell Witch - Mirror Reaper (see you in an hour)

An artist you'll see in my 2021 album review: KANGA

Something Dangerous - KANGA - KANGA


Vital Signs - KANGA - KANGA

Home - KANGA - You and I Will Never Die

Godless - KANGA - You and I will Never Die

And some goth, because we're all a little goth aren't we: Ludovico Technique

Dead Inside - Ludovico Technique - Some Things Are Beyond Therapy

Deeper Into You - Ludovico Technique - Some Things Are Beyond Therapy

Absence - Ludovico Technique - Absence (single)

Up to the Flams - Ludovico Technique - Up to the Flames (single)

Becoming Numb - Ludovico Technique - Becoming Number (single)

I feel this is a nice variety especially from my usual overly metal music recommendations. I chose 4 of my favorite artists not covered in my last 5x5 and a wildcard (Ludovico Technique) since they've been on my rotation lately.

My first 5x5 playlist

[spotify] My first 5x5

Everything Has Its Point - Rival Schools - United by Fate

Undercovers On - Rival Schools - United by Fate

Used For Glue - Rival Schools - United by Fate

Holding Sand - Rival Schools - United by Fate

Favorite Star - Rival Schools - United by Fate

Compendium - Elder - Lore

Gemini - Elder - Dead Roots Stirring

Sanctuary - Elder - Reflections of a Floating Wolrd

Knot - Elder - Dead Roots Stirring

Spirt At Aphelion - Elder - Lore

Marked for Death - Emma Ruth Rundle - Marked For Death

Dead Set Eyes - Emma Ruth Rundle - On Dark Horses

Real Big Sky - Emma Ruth Rundle - Marked for Death

Light Song - Emma Ruth Rundle - On Dark Horses

Protection - Emma Ruth Rundle - Marked for Death

Funeralopolis - Electric Wizard - Dopethrone

Barbarian - Electric Wizard - Dopethrone

I, The Witchfinder - Electric Wizard - Dopethrone

Dopethrone - Electric Wizard - Deopthrone

Return Trip - Electric Wizard - Come my Fanatics...

Technical Difficulties - Racer X - Technical Difficulties

Scarified - Racer X - Second Heat

Street Lethal - Racer X - Second Heat

Superheroes - Racer X - Superheroes

Godzilla - Racer X - Superheroes


If you like the idea I'd love to listen to your 5x5 playlists and I am sure other people might be interested as well! It is always interesting to see what people like / listen to - and read why they chose these particular 5 artists. Feel free to email me your playlist or post if you want :)




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