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Here's my Gemini log. Proudly manually compiled and formatted.

2021-09-12: Some new tech

2021-08-03: Reduced Internet day

2021-07-18: The value of a good to-do list

2021-07-10: Senior intern

2021-06-16: Face-to-face with the boss

2021-05-29: Making the best of a Windows laptop

2021-05-26: They hijacked our IRC channel, so we hijacked it back

2021-05-22: First week on the job

2021-05-15: Doing away with Dockerized deployments

2021-04-30: My first TTRPG campaign

2021-04-18: Night in the Woods (the video game)

2021-03-18: Fun with "Microsoft tech support"

2021-03-12: Job interview

2021-02-24: Favicons and purity testing

2021-01-18: Three youths and a hill

2021-01-08: Coasting through the education system

2020-11-28: BTRFS is consuming my computer

2020-11-05: RE: Gemini and Post

2020-10-25: Thermal paste fixes everything - the RX580 saga

2020-10-11: The Talos Principle (the video game)

2020-09-13: Fun DCSS character ideas

2020-08-28: Playing with git send-email

2020-08-23: Too hot inside, emacsclient to the rescue

2020-08-11: Fixing an overheating laptop

2020-08-03: Harmful content consumption patterns

2020-07-21: Emacs is consuming my computer

2020-07-02: Cottage Internet experience

2020-06-09: Suddenly drowning in games

2020-06-03: Difficult time for writing

2020-05-23: Cause for celebration

2020-05-20: My primitive digital watch

2020-05-15: Is this thing on?

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