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Re: RE: The bemoaning of people's smartphone usage

~remyabel has written a post in reply to my recent “The bemoaning of people's smartphone usage” post:

“RE: The bemoaning of people's smartphone usage”

which i recommend reading; it makes several good points.

> I don't really expect people not suffering from chronic illness to understand our struggle or to stop being ignorant, but I am glad to see posts like this (in a niche tech space no less). So thank you for writing the post.

i'm chuffed my post resonated! One of the reasons i post is to vent, and i'm glad when at least some of my venting is helpful to others. :-) (One post in particular i've received _lots_ of positive feedback about, albeit outside of geminispace; the general tenor of comments has been along the lines of “Thank you for saying this / raising this issue!”)

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