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Trying To Be Constructive

My gemlog.

> The only thing I can say in favor of my work is its sincerity.

— H. P. Lovecraft

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A ‘gemlog’ is the Gemini space analog of a blog in Web space.

Wikipedia: ‘Gemini space’

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2022-10-03 Language supporting gender diversity

2022-09-15 Debord's “Society of the Spectacle”

2022-09-13 The metaphysics of ontopoetics and panpsychism

2022-09-08 Autism, the mental health professions, gaslighting, and trauma

2022-09-04 Leftist history repeating itself: on the notion that adhd is caused by capitalism

2022-08-30 Creating minimal EPUBs with epub-create

2022-08-16 Knowing the acorn doesn't necessarily mean you know the oak tree

2022-08-05 Some of the music i'm listening to - 7

2022-08-01 Is (cryptocurrency) winter coming?

2022-07-25 On telling users to write the documentation themselves

2022-07-18 Kink contracts

2022-07-15 Deplatforming sex

2022-07-14 Sefaria on Gemini!

2022-07-13 “Desert”: on the future of human civilisation

2022-07-12 Some of the music i'm listening to - 6

2022-07-08 Humans in space, part 1: NASA and Old Space

2022-07-06 Re: Re: A convention for gemlog tags

2022-07-04 Afab and submissive

2022-07-02 A convention for gemlog tags

2022-06-26 The One True Way of teaching maths

2022-06-25 Re: git clarity

2022-06-23 Error messages

2022-05-25 Why i don't use the terms ‘TERF’ or ‘SWERF’

2022-05-18 Re: More thoughts on sincere conversation

2022-05-17 Re: The Disappearance of Sincere Conversations

2022-05-08 Some of the music i'm listening to - 5

2022-04-19 Authoring man pages with mdoc(7)

2022-04-14 The original cancel cultures

2022-03-09 Self-involved egocentric bullshit

2022-01-03 Identity, gender and privilege

2021-12-20 A(nother) kink road less travelled?

2021-12-12 The importance of appropriate housing

2021-10-11 Roguelikes and maths

2021-10-03 Some of the music i'm listening to - 4

2021-09-24 Moving to openbsd.amsterdam hosting

2021-09-21 Brief life update

2021-06-26 Adventures with Realtek wifi on Linux

2021-06-25 Re: Reformatting gemini text

2021-06-14 MasterChef, men, and mental health

2021-06-10 Re: RE: The bemoaning of people's smartphone usage

2021-06-07 The bemoaning of people's smartphone usage

2021-05-31 Approaching winter solstice

2021-05-28 Being competitive vs. being a douche

2021-05-09 When comments are accidentally left in academic articles

2021-05-06 Some of the music i'm listening to - 3

2021-05-03 Wikipedia's definition of ‘category theory’

2021-04-24 Kink aesthetics

2021-04-18 Identifying as ‘a dominant’

2021-04-11 Some of the music i'm listening to - 2

2021-03-21 Monocausism

2021-03-16 The Kobo Libra H₂O e-ink reader

2021-03-12 Folklore and triviality in category theory

2021-03-09 Some of the music i'm listening to - 1

2021-03-02 s6/66 for init, service supervision and service management

2021-02-28 Some common ungrammatical/unidiomatic uses of English

2021-02-17 The purpose of Gemini, and ease-of-access to geminispace

2021-01-31 “Only the best bottoms make it to the top”: wut

2021-01-19 Why i like mdoc(7) for man pages

2021-01-13 “Calm down!”; or, unhelpful approaches to distress

2021-01-06 Re: Geminispace vs. Beeblebroxians

2020-12-30 Geminispace vs. Beeblebroxians

2020-12-27 ZFC is _a_ foundation for maths, not _the_ foundation

2020-12-24 Genderqueer demographics

2020-12-17 Having cancer compared to having chronic fatigue

2020-12-03 The ‘feminine’/‘masculine’ division

2020-11-29 Some annoyances in maths papers

2020-11-27 Re: Narcissism

2020-11-08 Beyond bivalence

2020-11-02 Tops are human, too

2020-10-30 The limits of modifying language

2020-10-26 Oversimplified notions of ‘fluidity’

2020-10-26 On the word ‘gender’ and the phrase “gender is a social construct”

2020-10-25 Witchcraft!

2020-10-20 Dualism, polarities and cishetnormativity

2020-10-18 tilde.town

2020-10-06 Re: Does being queer and/or TGD contraindicate STEM? pt 2

2020-10-05 Re: Does being queer and/or TGD contraindicate STEM?

2020-10-04 Re: Does being queer and/or TGD contraindicate STEM?

2020-10-03 Does being queer and/or TGD contraindicate STEM?

2020-09-30 A convention for gemtext footnotes

2020-09-29 “[T]he irreducibility of rejection to negation”

2020-09-26 Re: Attack Vector for FOSS

2020-09-18 Recent Linux kernel issues

2020-09-15 You think _you_ have debugging problems?

2020-09-12 Programming language evangelism

2020-09-06 On ‘bloat’ and ‘minimalism’

2020-09-04 Arrival

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