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Mare Serenitatis Circumlunar Corporate Republic

The Mare Serenitatis Circumlunar Corporate Republic is one waypoint in

the greater circumlunar.space universe. The Republic and its sister

site are ideologically decriminalized worlds that offer text-based

asylum to those fleeing the commercialisation, bloat and surveillance

of the modern web.

The Republic offers 500MB of free gopherspace, geminispace and static

web hosting to anyone who wants it for any non-commercial purpose,

managed via sftp or shell. For further details, including instructions

on how to request asylum, please visit republic.circumlunar.space via

the links below.

Gemini users on this server

New! Circumlunar Transmissions, the Circumlunar Space Community Zine

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The Soviet Sister Colony

The Zaibatsu Sister Colony

The Republic (via Gopher)

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