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NPR (Last Updated: 2021-10-20)


∙ Nikolas Cruz pleads guilty to the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School

∙ Despite climate change promises, governments plan to ramp up fossil fuel production

∙ Moderna won't share its vaccine recipe. WHO has hired an African startup to crack it

∙ In a major scientific advance, a pig kidney is successfully transplanted into a human

∙ White House drops free community college from its spending bill

∙ School board elections will be an early test of what issues motivate voters

∙ Democrats' biggest push for voting rights is set to fail with no Republicans on board

∙ Europe is giving its top human rights prize to Vladimir Putin's most prominent critic

∙ Student loan forgiveness is a lot closer for some borrowers, and they are pumped

∙ Worn-out nurses hit the road for better pay, stressing hospital budgets — and morale

∙ Queen Elizabeth has canceled a trip to Northern Ireland on the advice of her doctors

∙ Teachers and civil rights groups sue over Oklahoma's ban on critical race theory

∙ Here's why Zillow won't be buying any more homes to renovate and resell this year

∙ Abductions have increased in Haiti, but religious aid groups are still going there

∙ 14 people died in a military bus blast, the deadliest attack in Damascus in years

∙ Netflix employees are staging a walkout today as a fired organizer speaks out

∙ Southwest Airlines will keep workers on the job who apply for vaccination exemptions

∙ A Brazil Senate report will urge charges against President Bolsonaro over the pandemic

∙ The House panel on the Jan. 6 attack votes to hold Steve Bannon in contempt for defying a subpoena

∙ Dr. Rachel Levine is sworn in as the nation's first transgender four-star officer

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