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Christian Science Monitor (Last Updated: 2021-10-20)



∙ As Lebanese seek ‘accountability,’ Beirut battle serves as a warning

∙ Behind killings in disputed Kashmir, fears of Taliban spillover

∙ Why consumers are facing energy shortages worldwide

∙ Protecting the ‘Amazon of Europe’ and a small Aussie bandicoot

∙ As German coalition starts to gel, a libertarian party plays kingmaker


∙ Texas legislature passes new voting maps but lawsuit awaits

∙ Colin Powell: Public life, Volvos, and a poignant what if

∙ Colin Powell remembered as 'a great public servant'

∙ Athletes want to improve locker room culture. This app may help.

∙ How will US cities spend $350B in relief aid? Answers vary.


∙ From indignation to inclusiveness

∙ The creative force of a worker exodus

∙ Limitless worth and employment

∙ When crisis strikes the giving community

∙ Lessons from Nuremberg, 75 years on


∙ Microchip shortage: Why US is poised to take rare action

∙ How TikTok is becoming the new shopping network

∙ Biden announces 24/7 operation at LA port to ease supply chain

∙ Curious how systemic racism works? Check out your neighborhood.

∙ Holiday holdout: Jobs are open but workers aren’t interested


∙ Solar panels make money in rural America. They don’t always make friends.

∙ California oil spill: Improved odds for animals caught in crude

∙ Water rights: Environmental groups fight to save Great Salt Lake

∙ Untaming a river: The stakes behind America’s largest dam removal

∙ One Western town’s solution to wildfires? Community.


∙ The next big thing? Facebook to hire 10,000 to build 'metaverse.'

∙ Facebook introduces controls for kids. Is it enough?

∙ Can $1T infrastructure package ease racial digital divide?

∙ Facebook's 'snow day': Massive outage reveals world's dependence

∙ 'Profit over safety'? Facebook whistleblower reveals identity.


∙ NASA’s asteroid hunter Lucy soars into sky with diamonds

∙ Finding the words: African translators aim to decolonize science

∙ Actors in space: Russians, Capt. Kirk lift off to new heights

∙ Physics Nobel rewards trio for contributions to climate models

∙ Trailblazing tourist spaceflight circled globe before Atlantic splashdown

The Culture

∙ How ‘gaslighting’ became a common accusation

∙ Joshua Tree in pictures: Visions and vistas in the high desert

∙ An autumn harvest of joy – and apples

∙ How tongue twisters delight word lovers across the globe

∙ ‘Mass’ filmmaker explores forgiveness and reconciliation after tragedy

∙ From indignation to inclusiveness


∙ Jane Goodall finds reasons for hope for the planet’s survival

∙ A love of Black literature animates every page

∙ Set among the stacks: Four enchanting novels for bibliophiles

∙ How does this scientist approach climate conversations? She acts ‘from love.’

∙ Tanzanian Abdulrazak Gurnah awarded Nobel literature prize

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