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Christian Science Monitor (Last Updated: 2021-08-06)



∙ Why neither Russia nor Ukraine feels great about pipeline deal

∙ 'Long shot': Mexico sues U.S. gunmakers for rampant violence

∙ Continuing hostility to West, Iran swears in hard-line president

∙ Healing step: Australia pledges $813M for Indigenous peoples

∙ The Refugee Olympic Team: 11 countries, 12 sports, and ‘a big heart’


∙ The trouble with transparency: How pandemic is challenging the CDC

∙ Police cover up? Federal inquiry homes in on Ronald Greene case.

∙ California ramps up efforts to provide shelter for the unhoused

∙ How Michigan became ground zero for COVID-19 debate

∙ A community-made oasis brings hope to a Tulsa food desert


∙ Active and joyful – regardless of age

∙ Fearless dancing in Belarus

∙ Embracing a higher sense of existence

∙ New anchors for global rule of law

∙ Freed from alcohol addiction


∙ The U.S. economy looks strong. But can it maintain this pace?

∙ Pay raise! Demand for employees in US drives hourly wage to $15.

∙ Will interest rates finally rise? Fed Reserve debates this week.

∙ For these young sisters, a period of family, love, and sacrifice

∙ The pandemic pushed her to the limit. But this teacher carries on.


∙ Duty or dirty deal? States put cost of package waste on companies.

∙ US firefighters turn to AI to battle the blazes

∙ Sewage equity? In Alabama, trust is as important as pipes.

∙ Hazy skies blanket East Coast as wildfire smoke blows from West

∙ Florida brought back its panthers. Can people live with them?


∙ Hackers are getting craftier. Could this simple fix protect data?

∙ All bite and no bark? Robotic police dogs force debate.

∙ How a Texas city coped after debilitating ransomware hack

∙ Safe delivery or security risk? Amazon wants your building key.

∙ Twitter tests new misinformation labels. Will they backfire?


∙ From Bezos to satellites, does new space era need new rules?

∙ Why this space race to the moon will be different

∙ Space race: Branson challenges Bezos in battle for first flight

∙ Space tourism draws nearer with Virgin Galactic test flight

∙ China lands a rover on Mars; NASA tweets congratulations

The Culture

∙ ‘High on the Hog’ serves up American history through Black cuisine

∙ Like puzzles? Try searching for ‘kangaroo words.’

∙ The first time I made ‘good trouble’

∙ In a return to Camelot, ‘The Green Knight’ considers the price of honor

∙ Grab your oar: ‘Jungle Cruise’ takes viewers on a wild ride

∙ Active and joyful – regardless of age


∙ ‘Lieutenant Dangerous’ uses wry humor to point out the absurdity of Vietnam War

∙ Edgar Allan Poe exposed scientific hoaxes, and invented his own

∙ Before ‘The Wiz’ and ‘Dreamgirls,’ there was ‘Shuffle Along’

∙ ‘How the Word Is Passed’: The stories we tell about race

∙ ‘The God Beat’: Journalists reflect on questions of meaning and transcendence

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