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CNN (Last Updated: 2021-08-06)


∙ New and disturbing details show that Donald Trump's assault on democracy was even more reckless and insistent than previously thought

∙ ABC News: Trump loyalist at DOJ circulated draft Georgia letter with false election fraud claims

∙ Justice official accused Trump of using DOJ to push election fraud claims in draft resignation letter

∙ Analysis: You shouldn't miss this bombshell in Trump's ongoing election fraud lie

∙ Biden announces new emissions standards, target that 50% of vehicles sold in US by 2030 are electric

∙ Analysis: Cori Bush just handed Republicans a 2022 gift

∙ Soccer shocker: Lionel Messi is leaving FC Barcelona

∙ FDA could lay out strategy for booster shots in September

∙ White House touts 864,000 vaccinations in last 24 hours

∙ Moderna vaccine shows 93% efficacy through 6 months

∙ Analysis: DeSantis turns his ire on Biden instead of Covid

∙ DOJ opens investigation into how Phoenix Police Department treats city's homeless residents

∙ A venomous West African banded cobra is missing in a Texas neighborhood

∙ Democrats scramble to find a path forward on federal legislation on voting rights

∙ Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announces second special session of state legislature

∙ House select committee begins taking over January 6 investigation from other committee

∙ GOP fears grow over Herschel Walker as party leaders seek other candidates in Georgia Senate race

∙ CBO: Infrastructure plan will add $256B to projected deficits over the next decade

∙ Why Olympic divers take showers -- and use those tiny towels -- between dives

∙ Carl Lewis: US men's 4x100m relay fail is a 'total embarrassment,' says US sprint great

∙ NBC's Summer Olympics ratings are in free-fall

∙ Opinion: The ugly reality behind Timanovskaya's defection

∙ Richard Trumka, head of powerful AFL-CIO, dies

∙ Los Angeles police investigating possible excessive use of force in arrest of NBA center Jaxson Hayes

∙ Alabama has one of the lowest vaccination rates in the US. Now it's starting to rise

∙ More companies are requiring vaccines for workers, but some unions could slow the effort down

∙ Education secretary warns that politicizing masks could lead to in-person school disruption

∙ The Delta variant slowed office reopenings. It could slow the recovery, too

∙ Opinion: Angry at the unvaccinated? Here's a better way

∙ 'There is no life for me here': One of the last Guantanamo detainees is a litmus test for Biden

∙ Biden signs bill to award Congressional Gold Medal to police who responded to insurrection

∙ California sheriff's office issues stark warning as wildfire rages: 'You are in imminent danger and you MUST leave now'

∙ 'We lost Greenville': Dixie Fire wipes out much of Northern California community

∙ These visuals show just how bad the US drought really is

∙ Atlantic hurricane season set to become more active

∙ Bill Gates says he regrets the time spent with Jeffrey Epstein: 'It was a huge mistake'

∙ Police officer's description of a driver is latest case to expose South Dakota city's divide on racial tensions

∙ New York state impeachment investigation into Cuomo is 'nearing completion'

∙ Read: New York State impeachment committee's letter to the governor's attorney

∙ The Cuomo brothers: Report places spotlight on a unique relationship

∙ Attorney for Britney Spears requests earlier court date to remove her father as co-conservator

∙ Female Asian and Pacific Islander characters are still objectified in films, a new report finds

∙ Lil Nas X's defiant pride is essential to hip-hop -- and the DaBaby debacle is one reason why

∙ Ellen Burstyn set to return to 'Law & Order'

∙ How Jeopardy's producer ended up as the front-runner to replace Alex Trebek

∙ Japanese whiskey worth $5,800 gifted to Pompeo is missing, State filings say

∙ Analysis: Mexico's lawsuit against gun makers faces a tough road

∙ There's a 'lost city' here that's older than Machu Picchu

∙ Carnival cruise ship reports Covid cases, brings in mask requirement for all passengers

∙ What you need to know before you travel to Portugal

∙ Dubai's luxury megaproject Heart of Europe is creating a huge coral reef

∙ Last of Tokyo's geishas cling to a disappearing trade

∙ Home is where the heart is: This CNN Hero is housing transplant patients near their hospitals

∙ CDC warns against eating raw cake batter after E. coli outbreak sickens 16

∙ People spend half of their lives not focused on the present, research says. Here's how to change it

∙ Kentucky sheriff's deputy shot, killed in ambush attack, police say

∙ 'Pretty Boys' author David Yi on male beauty and 7 cultural offerings that redefine masculinity

∙ Amazon is delaying its return to office until 2022

∙ Big banks are starting to push back their return to offices in response to Delta variant

∙ After sleeping on the steps of the US Capitol, freshman Rep. Cori Bush is in national spotlight for her activism to fight eviction

∙ Lawyers for landlords ask federal court to block new eviction moratorium

∙ People are flocking to Applebee's. This popular song is one reason why

∙ Tesla just got snubbed by Biden's electric vehicle summit

∙ Virgin Galactic reopens ticket sales — for $450,000 per seat

∙ The next big reality TV show is set in outer space

∙ Analysis: This Democratic leader just went off on the 'woke' left

∙ Analysis: Policing isn't the only root cause of Black rebellion

∙ Refugee arrivals to the US set to be the lowest on record this fiscal year

∙ Baltimore County agrees to $3 million settlement with family, estate of Korryn Gaines

∙ Real estate tycoon Robert Durst, accused of killing his close friend, now expected to take the stand Monday

∙ 10 killed and 20 injured after van crash in Texas

∙ British police arrest 11 people in UK hate crime investigation following Euro 2020 final

∙ Sydney suffers worst pandemic day as Australian lockdowns extended

∙ US returns over 17,000 looted artifacts to Iraq

∙ Iran's hardline new president sworn in

∙ US 'not ready to throw in the towel' on Afghan talks even as Taliban violence grows

∙ Planets similar to those in our solar system found around nearby star

∙ Why Tucker Carlson went to Hungary

∙ The new seriousness of Amsterdam

∙ A jailed priest's death sends a message about India's crackdown

∙ It's time to make a long-term investment in housing vouchers

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