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CNN (Last Updated: 2021-10-20)


∙ The Senate minority leader believes Trump's ongoing focus on the 2020 election is detrimental to the GOP's chances in 2022

∙ How Trump can sink Democrats' request for Jan. 6 riot documents

∙ January 6 committee approves Bannon criminal contempt report, setting up key vote later this week

∙ Analysis: One Republican's gubernatorial run could provide a template for his party to woo back voters Trump drove away

∙ Nikolas Cruz pleads guilty to murder charges and apologizes for Parkland high school massacre

∙ Facebook is planning to change its name, report says

∙ CNN's John King discloses he is immunocompromised

∙ Delta descendant is rising in the UK. What to know

∙ White House unveils plan to vaccinate kids ages 5 to 11

∙ Booster shots could soon come for people as young as 40, source says

∙ The UK has more new cases than France, Germany, Italy and Spain combined

∙ Moscow orders unvaccinated over-60s to stay home for 4 months as Russia's Covid crisis deepens

∙ Here's what's in and what's out of Biden's scaled back proposal

∙ Biden discusses $1.9 trillion top line for economic package and tells Democrats free community college is out

∙ White House under pressure to act on voting rights, but it's not ready to blow up the filibuster

∙ 'Big, big shifts': How Biden's civil rights pros have reoriented the Justice Department

∙ Everything you're waiting for is in these containers

∙ White House explores deploying the National Guard to ease supply chain crisis but is unlikely to use this option

∙ This is the secret to dealing with inflation

∙ These toiletry items may soon be more expensive

∙ A small Australian town's attempt to lure Chris Hemsworth has gone viral. Here's how the actor responded

∙ This sci-fi contraption could save the planet

∙ Queen Elizabeth II cancels trip, advised to rest for a few days

∙ Netflix co-CEO on Dave Chappelle fallout: I screwed up

∙ These high-profile doctors with impressive credentials are spreading misinformation about Covid vaccines

∙ The Mediterranean way of eating is so healthy

∙ How to stock your kitchen with Mediterranean grocery staples

∙ Miss France pageant faces lawsuit over 'discriminatory' entry requirements

∙ Angelina Jolie makes rare appearance with kids on red carpet

∙ Harry Styles appears post-credits in 'Eternals'

∙ Jamie Lynn Spears donation offer rejected by mental health organization

∙ A ​blackmail ​allegation and a sex tape -- two French footballers face off in court

∙ Novak Djokovic will need to be vaccinated to play Australian Open: minister

∙ Former NWSL player Kaiya McCullough calls for accountability after widespread women's soccer abuse scandal

∙ Opinion: Tucker Carlson's insulting attack on Pete Buttigieg

∙ US surgeons successfully test pig kidney transplant in human patient

∙ Keep your brain sharp by finding your sleep 'sweet spot,' study says

∙ Duchess of Cambridge says addiction can 'happen to any of us'

∙ Using e-cigarettes to prevent smoking relapse doesn't work well, study finds

∙ Bitcoin surges to new record above $66,000

∙ How Verizon became the Dow's worst stock

∙ Netflix hails 'Squid Game' after adding 4.4 million subscribers

∙ He took a job with his college buddy's sister, Elizabeth Holmes. Now he's a witness in her trial

∙ Bill Gates was told to stop 'inappropriate' emails with Microsoft employee in 2008, report says

∙ Lev Parnas will not testify in his own defense; jury expected to begin deliberations Thursday

∙ All passengers on board survive plane crash in Texas

∙ HHS' Dr. Rachel Levine sworn in as US' first openly transgender four-star officer

∙ Rahm Emanuel's nomination to be Biden's ambassador to Japan faces opposition from some Democrats

∙ GOP Rep. Jeff Fortenberry indicted

∙ FBI at Washington home of Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska

∙ For Pacific Islanders, a statue in Washington state recalls a dark chapter in history

∙ Vikings were in the Americas exactly a thousand years ago

∙ Miya Marcano's family files wrongful death lawsuit against her apartment complex

∙ Shooting leaves 3 dead and 2 others in critical condition in Kenosha, Wisconsin, police say

∙ NYC vaccine mandate extends to all city workers and includes a new $500 bonus, mayor says

∙ A Washington state sheriff is facing criminal charges after incident with Black newspaper delivery driver

∙ ACLU sues Oklahoma over law prohibiting critical race theory topics from being taught in schools

∙ A series of close calls and threats for US missionaries before kidnapping in Haiti

∙ New Zealand police respond to 4-year-old's adorable emergency call

∙ Deadly and 'very agitated' snake found in English shipping container

∙ First he fled North Korea. Now he's escaped from a Chinese prison, and has a $23,000 bounty on his head

∙ Dozens killed in India after heavy flooding and record rainfall

∙ Bomb attack on Syrian military bus in Damascus kills 14

∙ North Korea says its latest ballistic missile test was launched from a submarine

∙ A fully solar-powered campervan has just driven through Europe

∙ Travis Tritt cancels concerts at venues with Covid safety measures

∙ Doing right isn't the secret to Democrats' success next year

∙ Now that guns can kill hundreds in minutes, Supreme Court should rethink the rights question

∙ A woman is raped and onlookers record it: the story beyond the outrage

∙ Colin Powell showed that even the bravest are vulnerable

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