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Kakoune: filetype based on filename

Author: Solène

Date: 30 May 2021

Tags: kakoune editor

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I will explain how to configure Kakoune to automatically use a filetype (for completion/highlighting..) depending on the filename or its extension.


The file we want to change is ~/.config/kak/kakrc , in case of issue you can use ":buffer *debug*" in kakoune to display the debug output.

Filetype based on the filename

I had a case in which the file doesn't have any extension. This snippet will assign the filetype Perl to files named Rexfile.

hook global BufCreate (.*/)?Rexfile %{
	set buffer filetype perl

Filetype based on the extension

While this is pretty similar to the previous example, we will only match any file ending by ".gmi" to assign it a type markdown (I know it's not but the syntax is quite similar).

hook global BufCreate .*\.gmi %{
	set buffer filetype markdown

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