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GearBSD: a project to help automating your OpenBSD

Author: Solène

Date: 01 June 2021

Tags: gearbsd rex openbsd

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I love NixOS and Guix for their easy system configuration and easy jumping from one machine to another by using your configuration file. To some extent, I want to make it possible to do so on OpenBSD with a collection of parametrized Rex modules, allowing to configure your system piece by piece from templates that you feed with variables.

Let me introduce you to GearBSD, my project to do so.

GearBSD gitlab page

How to use

You need to clone https://tildegit.org/solene/gearbsd using git and you also need to install Rex with pkg_add p5-Rex.

Use cd to enter into a directory like openbsd/pf (the only one module at this time), edit the Rexfile to change the variables as you want and run "doas rex configure" to apply.

Video example (asciinema recording)

Example with PF

The PF module has a few variables, in TCPports and UDPports you can list ports or ports ranges that will be allowed, if no ports are in the list then the "pass" rules for that protocol won't be there.

If you want to enable nat on em0 for your wg0 interface, set "nat" to 1, "nat_from_interface" to "wg0" and "nat_to_interface" to "em0" and the code will take care of everything, even enabling the sysctl for port forwarding.

More work required

It's only a start but I want to work hard on it to make OpenBSD a more accessible system for everyone, and more pleasant to use.

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