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2021-08-13 Enterprise Programming

2021-04-20 Github is Slow

2021-04-06 Software Dependencies

2021-03-05 NNTP in Emacs

2021-02-27 RE: Deno

2021-02-25 Whining About Software

2021-02-24 tildeverse

2021-01-29 Cornbread Recipe

2021-01-01 High Latency

2020-12-26 Dave's Mulled Cider

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Hi and welcome! This is my home in gemini-space. You might imagine it as a very messy desk strewn with open books and half-written papers, a variety of pens litter the desktop but they are all inevitably empty or broken. The "Recent Posts" section is a combination journal and outbox. To contact me, following the analogy, you'll need my inbox:

I like receiving mail!

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