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Flight in VR


Warplanes: WW1 Fighters is the latest VR game that's sucked me in. There's something about it that just scratches a certain itch for me.

I think I've always been drawn to flying. I have fun memories playing Red Baron 2 and Microsoft Flight Simulator as a little kid. My dad was very much into RC planes as I was growing up and he helped me get a bit into it too.

So you can probably imagine how surreal it is for me to be able to get into the cockpit of a virtual WW1 fighter. Kid me would've been absolutely all over this (heck, even grown up me is).

There's nothing like aerial combat. It's so tense and you have to constantly be aware of your plane, enemy planes, and your surroundings. Naturally it lends itself very well to VR with the freedom to look anywhere you want.

Anyway, this was just a quick post to get a little bit of my excitement out of my system. Back to the skies.

- moddedBear



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