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Getting Settled In


It's been just over a week since having moved into the new place. Thankfully we're pretty much settled in already... or at least enough to have time to make a quick post about it.

The move

Everything fit into the car which was sort of a miracle. That's definitely not going to happen ever again. We thankfully didn't have any big furniture to take with us but the flip side of that is that a lot our time the past week has been spent hunting down furniture and a few other essentials.

IKEA was super helpful. They might not have necessarily the highest quality stuff, but their prices I thought were great.

Also shoutout to my brother who gave us the coffee table he made for a class last semester.

Back in the office

I'm pretty done with the whole working remote thing, so I decided to start working in the office again since I'm back in town. So that means getting used to macOS again. It's not my favorite but at least it's not Windows. It's pretty usable and not too different from my usual personal machine workflow actually after a few tweaks. I'll probably write up a post about what I've done with the setup later.

It's also a bit weird being the only one back in the office so far. It sucks for collaboration and just being social with people, but it's still not as bad as working from home.

Self hosting

The move has made me realize that I'm glad I don't host anything important from home. It was a whole day on the road, and then a few days after that before we even had internet at the new place. A cheap VPS might be more expensive in the long run than something like a raspberry pi at home, but the extra cost is worth it for the added reliability and not having a physical device somewhere to think about.

I do have an extra machine that I'm thinking of experimenting with self hosting on soon though. I'm definitely going to load up pihole on it, but I'm not entirely sure what else yet. I thought about setting up a Pixelfed instance (fediverse version of Instagram basically) for friends and family but it doesn't seem to really have any apps yet. Nextcloud has interested me for a while but I'm not sure how much use I'd ultimately get out of it. Right now I'm leaning most towards making it a NAS for backups and some extra file storage, but I'd want to upgrade from the ~320 GB HDD that's currently in it. Whatever I end up deciding to do, I'll probably at least get a log post out of it.

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