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Web Dogma Certified

> It's interesting to start to read different capsules on Gemini and stumble upon ongoing philosophical arguments about the Gemini form.

Not gonna lie, it's my favorite thing! ;)

I've never heard of Dogma 95 before, but it definitely strikes me as philosophically-related to some aspects of the small net. At least, the idea of working with constraints to put forward a message. But wow, the constraints are rough!

Applied to the web, I could definitely see something similar. Perhaps if a website adheres to a certain set of principle, it can be part of a Web Dogma network of sites. Solderpunk wrote a webserver [1] that only accepts to serve a subset of html. The website needs to:

HTML pages need to be 32KiB or smaller

Contains 3 images max

HTML tags can't be nested more than 10 levels deep

audio, applet, canvas, embed, iframe, script and video tags are prohibited

Third party images, stylesheet and fonts aren't allowed

[1] Shizaru

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