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One more thing:

If you somehow manage to screw up your theme to the point where the whole pub won't load correctly, including the forms necessary to (re)set said theme (yes, you've guessed it: I am speaking from experience:), here's an easy way back:

curl -b midn="$(cat ~/.config/.midnight)"\
	 -F theme=""\

Of course you'll need a valid session token in "~/.config/.midnight", if you don't have that, just login via curl and store the cookie:

curl -c ~/.config/.midnight\
	 -F name=<your nick>\
	 -F "password=<your password>"\

To use that cookie the way it was intended by m15o you'll have to strip it down so the file "~/.config/.midnight" only contains the token/base64 string or modify the curl command, to reset the theme:

curl -b ~/.config/.midnight"\
	 -F theme=""\

More information on this topic can be found here:

man midnight.sh

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