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It was a busy life I was leading as of late but suddenly I felt like visiting the pub, I walk over to the door of my apartment, grabbed my keys and walked out, locking the door I made my way towards the pub with determined steps. The corner where I turned into the alley loomed, finally. I make that turn and suddenly stopped. My jaw dropped as blue/green eyes fall on the sign.

The gaping wide mouth curled into a smile as I studied the sign further. I exclaimed rather loudly, "IT IS ABOUT TIME SOMEONE DID SOMETHING ABOUT THAT MISSPELLED SIGN. I LOVE WHAT WAS DONE WITH THE NEW SIGN, WHO IS RESPONSIBLE? I WANT TO BUY THEM A DOUBLE OF WHAT EVER IT IS THEY ARE DRINKING!!" With that uproarious greeting, I walk in the door and make a beeline to the bar "Bartender, the sign looks great! A scotch and water please." I go to sit down by the lounge and wait for my drink and for the information I seek.

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