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I used to be an Ayn Rand fanboy. I got over it when I started taking my own writing seriously and realized that I couldn't write a libertarian utopia that seemed believable to *me*. I eventually figurd out that right-wing libertarianism and the minarchism Rand favored did nothing but privatize tyranny.

Also, I've seen people on literotica.com do a better job of writing rough sex stories.

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~coldwave wrote (thread):

Couldn't get past the first chapter, and I have made myself finish books I hate 99% of the time. It really is terrible writing.

I used to have a theory that people who are bad people, politically, are also just bad at writing, and vice versa. Or that they write fiction in a way that subtly doesn't agree with me. That I can tell.

My theory was working out great until J.K. Rowling went off the rails.

~rosie88 wrote (thread):

Ah yes I came across her name 5 years ago on twitter, people's posts about her would creep into my feed, I was never one to follow the crowd so after a few of these posts I began to wonder WTF is this all about, a little more research and like you I came to the conclusion she was some quack and yes this I read that passed for quotes from her were unbelievable stupid and made no sense.

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