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I got vaccinated pretty early on, because of where I work, but I'm still wearing a mask in public places. The problem is that vaccination rates are still low enough (just passed 50% of adults in the US), and there's enough people who are both vaccine-avoidant and mask-avoidant that you just can't take people's words for it. I'm wearing a mask just to encourage people to keep wearing them, and to let them know it's still normal.

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I *do* heavily identify with the experience of getting angry at someone/something during the day and having it ruin the rest of the day.

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~rosie88 wrote (thread):

I appreciate your reply, I don't object to the mask per say, I've had to wear a mask when I worked as a first responder so the mask isn't really the deep down anger I feel, it is the "demand" that I wear one, in other words, the imposition of some stranger on my freedom of choice that has me seeing red. At the end of the day everyone has opinions of a variety of issues, that's fine with because I do as well...it is when opinions become "entitlements" that becomes the problem. When your perceived "entitlements" is being foisted on me then it becomes an even bigger problem. For the most part it has been an issue for the past three days before these three days no one cared one way or another. I may not agree with every opinion out there but there are better ways to express them other than demands and threats.

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