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That's a great point. News is the most accessible thing on the internet, which ain't healthy. I used to be subscribed to more meditative RSS feeds but they're buried somewhere in my bookmark skip now. Must find them.

What do you do in this case, analog?

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~fungmungus wrote (thread):

RSS has long been my preferred method of information access (save for maybe mindless dives into the Wikipedia). I like the selectivity of it, where I can very specifically decide what I want to know about or what I'm interested in. If a source ceases to provide in that regard I can easily remove it. I feel like RSS allows a bit more conscious selectivity in information consumption.

~analog wrote (thread):

this is always a work in progress for me; currently I'm trying to find interesting books/articles, and as I read them keep notes of things they bring up that I can branch off on and research further; adding it to a reading list (instapaper usually) So as long as I can keep my reading list full and curated, I should always have something to read. This also allows me to go deeper into a subjects as opposed to just having a shallow understanding on a bunch of different things.

Where this falls down is when I'm tired and my brain doesn't want to engage in reading something useful, and just wants to wallow in mud. This is another work in progress, and I'm looking for things that aren't great, but aren't horrible either.

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