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< Good morning, pub!


~another coffee for me, bartender! It's that mid-afternoon slump.

I'm doing all right. Been checking back into the pub recently; I took a little break to reevaluate how it fits into my life. Funny thing, how even when I wasn't here I still felt like a patron. So that answers that.

Otherwise, same old same old. I'm about 6 months into my new job, and I really feel like I'm starting to get the hang of it. I'm still slow, but I'm getting through my allocated Jira tickets each sprint ahead of schedule and picking up extras, so nobody seems to be complaining. But I do consider quitting my job each time I have to fix some ambiguous Cascading Spaghetti Sheet glitch, or when our webapp build pipeline generates misbehaving files that, by as far as I can tell, shouldn't exist in the first place.

Oh, and the social life is coming back, finally. Meeting up with friends and strangers! Will be starting my first ever D&D campaign in a few weeks. How about a celebratory drink?

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~tlf wrote:

Never got to play D&D but had fun with Hero Quest and Space Hulk. Enjoy and congrats on the job.

~tskaalgard wrote:

I definitely feel you about the social life. Now that I'm vaccinated and COVID cases are the lowest they've been since March 2020, we can basically socialize again, and that feels wonderful!

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