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We'll have to disagree on the oysters. Whenever we decide to have a celebratory feast we head to the local oyster bar. Oysters on the half shell and boiled shrimp. We get to mix our own cocktail sauce. Mine is usually pale pink from all the horseradish. Definitely clears the sinuses. This is the place:

Pacific Star Restaurant & Oyster Bar

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~fungmungus wrote (thread):

I've always had an adventurous taste, few foods set me off, but raw oysters are one of them. Further ironic because I really do love all other seafood. Periodically I'll give them a shot (my life loves them on the half shell) and will still respond with a "nope, not for me." Oh well, I suppose not all things in this life a designed to bring us pleasure.

If I'm ever in Austin I will definitely check that joint out.

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