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I walk in, shattered by a long night before a computer screen working on project and the like. My eyes are blurry but I can make out a few shapes that resemble human beings. I mumble a "good morning" wondering what was so good about it but as a reflex, I walked over to the person behind the counter and says "A coffee extra shot of espresso and one of these pastries please." I point to a homemade muffin teaming with blueberries at which at this point are oozing juice over the paper cup. The coffee and muffin are presented to me and I go to sit down, I turn to the people, that by now come to view, lifting my cup towards them and says "Good morning to you, I see you are here for the same reason. Coffee, the elixir of life, Cheers!. I take a sip and just relax for a while.

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