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< The walk towards the pub


So, whassup? Long day, huh? Hey, forget about it, it's beer-o'clock now, right?

Barkeep, I'll have another. Thank you. Get another one for my new friend here while you're at it. Looks like they need it.

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~rosie88 wrote:

I turn towards the voice and notice a person speaking me, I point to the lounge chair next to me and says "please join me. I am Rosie. Yes, I have a project I am working on, I should be done but there is a little bit of a hiccup and I have spent days trying to figure out what the problem is. I thought of coming in here because this, at least for me, has become a safe haven." I spot the bartender from the other night approach with the ale and smiles "Hello so good to see you again" I see him put the glass bottle of ale and a frosty mug on the table, I pour, I sip and the world is made right once again. I take that glass of ale still in my hand and turns my gaze towards the benefactor and says "Cheers! Thank you for the drink" and goes on to enjoy the ale and the good company

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