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On people


Hey bartender, could I ask for an IPA? What have you got in stock? Today I feel like everything is a struggle. I spend most of my day arguing with people at work who wanted to get things their ways. At some point, I feel like emotions get the best of us. It did get the best of me and I find it hard to talk when I'm feeling down. When arguing with people, I sometimes wonder if the other person simply wants to be right, even if they are wrong. Like in a game. And if you admit you are wrong, they win. But what if you are right? What if you are wrong but you don't want to let them win? People are strange.

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~starbreaker wrote:

I've found that most people argue because actually pulling out their dicks and comparing sizes is generally frowned upon in polite society (and sometimes a great way to get arrested). No matter how far we advance, we can't seem to get away from primate dominance displays.

~inquiry wrote:

> People are strange.

I have it on good authority that's especially true when you're a stranger....

FWIW, I've been leaning English brown ale most of this year.

~zampano wrote:

People are strange...for example, some like IPA :D

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