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(posted this elsewhere, but it feels important, so....)

Nothing has opened my eyes to the real cause of the downfall of civilization than becoming a school teacher.

It's quite simple, really.

Most people are hiding from what genuinely creates a better future, which is investing in children.

They find six figure jobs, or minimalist existences with no contact/investment in children, etc.

There's no mystery here, people.

Argue as your ego feel it must about which side/tribe is more full of shit.

I say all of you avoiding sharing your person/knowledge/wisdom/empathy with the true representatives of our future have less than shit for brains.

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~shiloh wrote (thread):

Hi ~inquiry,

I really like this post. I'm in college right now, and as I'm making friends, I'm kind of seeing the difference that good parenting/teaching makes (I guess they're two sides of the same coin). I have 3 buddies that I'm always working out with and hanging out with. We talk a lot about ways to improve ourselves and just be better people (for example, two of us (myself included) have a bad habit of talking shit about other people). One of the things that we have in common are parents that pushed us just hard enough to do a lot of difficult shit and grow from that, and also put an emphasis on developing healthy relationships with others. It's hard for me to describe, but it's like... we've all had the types of relationships with our parents where we bounce moral/life ideas off them and learn from them. I think that kind of relationship is important for creating a mindset of wanting to improve, and it's good to pass it on to others.

(No idea if this made sense, haha)

~eaplmx wrote (thread):

Wife and I don't want to have kids. Maybe bringing more kids to this world is not the best idea with our current overpopulation, but I can only talk for my family.

That being said, my father and my in-laws were teachers and worked with kids. So I see why is a noble job. Also demanding, betting for future kids where they can also be delinquents or evil business people. It's a matter of material conditions, than 'basic education', at least in my region.

As a college professor I see more impact in short term with people in their 18-25 years, than investing on STEAM from younger ages of 6-15, but someone has to do it. So I get your point...

~starbreaker wrote (thread):

This post really rubs me the wrong way.

First, I don't like strangers telling me how I should spend my time or live my life.

Second, I had to manage without adults "investing in me" and I think today's children can do the same.

Third, what leads you think the average adult has anything worth sharing with children, anyway?

Finally, do you honestly think that after working 40+ hours a week most people have the time, energy, or inclination to invest in kids who aren't their own?

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