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Sick of Local Businesses with No Website (Just a Facebook Page, of Course)


I've been trying to find a new place to take my recycling in my city, as the place I've been going is only open Tuesdays and Thursday afternoons. Most of the places I've found don't have websites, just fucking Facebook pages, which I can't even access since I don't do Facebook. I really hate this trend. You should have a basic webpage somewhere. Stop assuming everyone has a fucking Facebook.

So many places are like this anymore. Bars, restaurants, gyms, arcades, law offices, they just have a Facebook. Stop.


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~calpico wrote (thread):

I do try to have some empathy since the people running these businesses often don't have the means to learn how to maintain a webpage of their own. Even if you make the website for them they'll still probably be lost on how to update it if their menu/hours ever change

~starbreaker wrote:

I have left negative reviews on businesses for precisely this reason. I admit it's petty, but this just irks me.

And now I need a drink just from thinking about it.

Bartender, a White Lady if you please.

~thefreim wrote:

I agree with this so much. Recently I've gotten so annoyed that I've considered going as far as creating my own site for them and offering it for free just so I don't have to go on Facebook pages, with its silly pop up boxes, anymore.

~inquiry wrote:

They can't stop. Having bought into what the likes of what Microsoft/Apple/Google/Facebook hypnotized them into believing constitutes making data-related thingies foolproof, they surrendered their opportunity to avoid becoming fools in the data game.

Their descendants aren't any better. As with the above believing "having a Facebook" is the same as creating/maintaining/curating a website, their kids believe "having a Minecraft" is paramount to understanding computer science - as this here fool recently discovered in attempting to teach 6/7/8th graders computer science.

Hopeless. Utterly hopeless.

And so does The Eternal September become more eternal with each passing day....

~eaplmx wrote (thread):

Well, I agree with the feeling, I don't have Facebook on my phone and very often the only available info is there. It's even a reason to avoid visiting that place.

FB Pages were so convenient, quick and free, but nowadays those are just horrible. I hope shops stop using them, changing to another service, or joining to the trend of microsites... Let's see!

What is bothering me currently are the restaurant menus and any info only accesible by QR codes, being a 40 MB PDF not optimized for mobile, a redirector full of ads, an unusable web page with tiny images, or even better, without prices for the food.

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